I just got back from the Scottish Highlands. I have seen some beautiful places in the world, but nothing like this. It was the most pure, lush, and peaceful places I have ever been to. It is kind of what I would expect Nepal would be like except much greener. The rich Scottish pride and history only strengthened the wonder of the sights. We were able to see the center of Scotland, great battlefields, the tallest mountains, longest rivers, and the deepest valleys. It was truly a magical experience. One funny aspect of the trip is that we actually stayed in a hostel. What made this so funny was the fact that most people had never stayed in a hostel and were freaking out. Some of the girls almost went and bought a hotel just to see if they could escape. The cherry on top was that our professors left us to go stay at a Holiday Inn. This will not be my last trip to the Highlands, and maybe one day I will be able to retire there. I have truly fallen for Scotland and cannot wait to see what happens next.

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