Fulbright Meeting

After not being able to secure a affiliation letter last year for my Fulbright attempt, I believed that it was time to start on trying to find one again. I am interested on doing psychology research in areas where participants have not been used before. For 80% of psychology research, the participants include WEIRD populations. WEIRD stands for western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic nations. The wealth of knowledge on these populations consume psychology research which begs the question: how is this representative of the world’s population? To answer this I hope to go to one of these countries to do research experiments on these populations.

This meeting was very helpful in getting to hear perspectives from this years winners. One winner in particular was interesting because of her award to India. India, being a large country, would have the infrastructure to support a psychological research project through its Universities. It is also not a typical WEIRD country. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to turn going to India into a relatively, but hopefully with a little help from Jordan, I will be able to.

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